CashCrate is #1 in money earning potential than any other survey site. You can do more than just surveys, you can also complete free offers, get referral comission, do online shopping, etc. That is why I am infatuated with this site, it does not limit your income by only doing surveys.


Daily Surveys
CashCrate pays .80¢ for each daily survey you complete. I know it is a little lower than what other sites pay, but CashCrate allows you to take two daily surveys every 24 hours. That is $1.60 a day/$48 a month you can make just off surveys! They are mostly short, fun, and easy to take. Of course, you can earn a lot more if you complete free offers. You need to use the same e-mail address that you used to sign up for CashCrate when you do a daily survey.


Free Offers
FREE OFFERS RULE!!! They are so much easier than surveys and it only take a minute of your time to do one. Personally, I prefer them over surveys. If you intend to take advantage of completing free offers, here are some great tips that will help you:

Forms: To complete free offers on CashCrate, you’re required to fill out a few forms per offer. It becomes a little redundant and a waste of time when you have to keep putting your information over and over. There is a program that will fill out all of those boring forms for you, it’s called “RoboForm“. Once you make a profile with all of your information in it, RoboForm will fill out those forms for you. You can also use it on surveys. A toolbar will be added on your internet browser once you install it and with one click, you can fill out forms. Download here

Telephone # There are some offers that may require you to put your phone number such as Brandarama offers. You may get a few calls here and there. To avoid these calls, sign up at Brring! and get your own free personal number. Try to get a number with the area code that matches your home address. What brring! does is when someone calls you at your brring number, they make the caller listen to a 10 sec advertising before the call connects to your phone. Almost certainly telemarketers will hang up before the advertisement is over, meaning you will not receive a call to your phone. Give the telemarketers a taste of their own medicine.

Okay, now you’re ready to do some offers. There are a variety of free offers you can do. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you do them in this order:

1st: Do all the Register for free/Fill out the form offers. These are very easy and credit fast. Make sure to check your spam folder in case they send a confirmation email.

2nd: Do all the offers that say Register with valid information and complete the survey. Click at least two offers on the Final Steps page. These offers do not send email confirmation. These are simple offers that credit very fast. Just skip offers until you reach the last page which usually says Congratulations or Thank You and make sure click at least two offers.

After you are done with these kinds of free offers, please go to the bottom of this page for my ‘Extended Free Offers Guide.’


Referral System

CashCrate has the best paying referral system I’ve seen. They have two level referral. Level 1(people you refer): you receive 20% of their earnings. Level 2(people your refers refer): you receive 10% of their earnings. These percentages increase with the addition of US referrals. Here is their referral rankings:

Bronze – 0 Active Referrals – 20% First Level, 10% Second Level

Silver – 50 Active Referrals – 25% First Level, 10% Second Level

Gold – 150 Active Referrals – 25% First Level, 15% Second Level

Platinum – 300 Active Referrals – 30% First Level, 15% Second Level

Elite – 500 Active Referrals – 30% First Level, 20% Second Level

Also, you receive $3 bonus for each referral that reaches the $10 payout.

I would like to emphasize that there is no pressure on you to sign up other people. You can earn good money sticking to the daily surveys and free offers. You will, however, get the most out of CashCrate if you have others participate with you. Take advantage of this great referral system and be sure to check out the Create a Blog/Site page for help in getting referrals.


Extended Free Offers Guide

For the rest of the free offers, You need to know these tips before doing an offer:

Cookies: When ever you do an offer, a cookie will be placed on your computer for recognition purposes. When doing multiple offers from the same company, you already have one of their cookies on your computer, then they will know that you have already done one of their offers, thus making the offer not approve. To avoid this, cookies need to be deleted after every offers. It does not even take a minute to delete cookies. You can use a program called CCleaner. Download here

Emails: most survey companies keep a database of emails that were used on their surveys, for tracking purposes, so if you use the same email more than once, they will know that they already have your information, and would probably not give you credit for completing that offer. I would suggest changing emails frequently, so you will get more offers to approve. You don’t really want to spend time making a bunch of emails do you? THEN USE GMAIL! So, since gmail doesn’t read periods in their email addresses, take advantage of that! For example:

All of the above would go to Survey companies would consider each and every one of those a different email address, which makes it easier for you to get more surveys approved. I would suggest making a new gmail account frequently. . Here is a guide with steps to completing offers from specific advertisers. It is suggested to only do one offer per company at a time. For example you do an offer, submit it to pending, check email for confirmation email, go to a different offer from a different advertiser while waiting for the prior one to credit. After it credits feel free to go do another from them. DO NOT LOAD YOUR PENDINGS OVER $2.00. LESS IS BETTER.

(BBS) Big Bucks Survey – Go until you see “Congratulations and thank you for your participation! You’ve been entered to win in our sweepstakes!” *Answer questions with asterick* Make sure you uncheck the “remember my info on this computer” box. There should be a confirmation email in your spam box. Open and click the confirmation link.

(BSP) Brand Survey Panel – Submit 2nd page

(BRA) Brandarama Offers – Only do one offer from this company per day. Make sure your pop-up blocker is off.On page 1, fill out e-mail address. (make sure you have never used this email address on another brandarama offer). Fill out page 2. Brandarama does check your telephone area code against your zip code, so make sure you use a valid phone number with the correct area code for your area. After you hit submit on page 2 you will either go to the “survey” or get a pop up that says “Congratulations you have completed the survey requirements and are almost done!” If you get this pop right away, you can skip step 5 and go to step 6. If you get the survey after page 2 you must complete the survey for this to credit. Very easy though, you can hit “skip” or “no” all the way through. Once you get to the Congratulations page, click on one offer and leave the pop-ups open. Go down to the bottom of the page and you’ll have a link that says something like “After you’ve completed the required offers above click here to go to the next page” or “After you’ve completed the required offers above, click here for bonus offers.” If you have to go to another page, click one offer on that page. Continue until you reach the bonus offers page and open that. Leave all windows open for 2 to 5 minutes. Go back to the CashCrate and hit submit. If asked put in the e-mail address you used on page 1. DO NOT click on any confirmation email brandarama sends you… it will hurt your chances for getting other offers approved.

(CB) Consumer Beat – Do until you see message in black at the top that reads “Thank you. Your information has been received successfully…” *Answer questions with asterick*

(CDS) Consumer Direct Savings – Submit first page

(CE) Consumer Expression – Do until you see message in black at the top that reads “Thank you. Your information has been received successfully…”. There will be an additional survey beneath this message, it is not necessary to complete it. *Answer questions with asterick* MAKE SURE TO UNCHECK THE “REMEMBER MY INFO ON THIS COMPUTER”. THERE WILL BE AN EMAIL MOST LIKELY IN YOUR SOAM BOX. OPEN IT AND CLICK THE CONFIRMATION LINK.

(CIR) Consumer Incentive Rewards – Go until you get to the page that says “Last Step.” Close pop-ups.

(CPC) Consumer Promotion Center – Submit 2nd page.

(CRB) Consumer Research Bureau – Submit first page. Close 2nd page. Close pop-ups.

ECNresearch – Fill out the yes or no stuff on pages. Then about 4 pages down you will have a couple offers pages, click skip at the bottom. The next page should be special offers…skip. A bunch of pages will come with an offer on them, I suggest to click yes on one that will just send you email or something… then click skip or no thanks on the rest. Then a CIR page will come up usually with a “where to send your apple phone”, enter info. Then it becomes a CIR offer. You can stop there.

(FS) Franklin surveys – Submit address page and one offer. Close page 2. Close 5 pop-ups.

(FB) Freebie Brands – Submit first page.

(FCG) Free Consumer Gifts – Submit first page.

(GGO) Generous Genie offers – Enter your zip / e-mail on page 1. Fill out page 2. You should get a pop up window that says “Last Steps”. Click on one offer on the “Last Steps” page. You’ll get a window that says “To proceed to this offer enter your e-mail address below”. Enter the same e-mail address you used on page 1 or 2. Click submit. Leave these windows open for 2 min.

(HGZ) Hot Gift Zone – Enter a new email address (one you haven’t used for these types of offers already). Enter shipping info, next 20 pages select NO, skip on all the others…however, it could increase your chances if you enter your info an any of the offers. Last page will have NO or show me selections. Click no to all but click yes on 1 or 2. If you get a pop up leave it alone. Silver offers, click on one and leave pop up alone. Next page is gold, do same thing. Next page is plat, do the same thing. Next page is bonus, click the bottom link. Done. Leave popup pages up for at least 2 mins.

(FGW) Free Gift World – Submit E-mail/Zip. Close 2nd page. Close pop-ups.

(MPG) Mega Promotions Group – Submit address page, usually page 3.

(MER) My Elite Rewards – Submit 2nd page.

(MID) My Insider Deals – Enter a new email address (one you haven’t used for these type of offers already). Enter Personal Info. Click No to all except the red one with the cake on it. Click yes to that, click lets go at the bottom. Make sure to leave all pop ups on at the task bar. Click no except for the vacation offer (top right corner), Click yes to that, click submit. On the next page, choose a state and enter your email, click submit. Next page, skip…next page is the education offer, enter this one…next page, no thanks…next page click the no’s except for gavalia coffee, hit yes on this one, click submit…next page skip….next page skip…next page, no thanks…next page, no thanks…next page, no thanks…next page, no thanks…exit page with many offers, just click on any one and leave the pop up with the other pages. Leave popups up for about 2 min’s. Some of the MID relatives have confirmation pages so make sure to check email and spam for them.

(MSG) My Select Gifts – Submit 2nd page.

(NP) Net Panel – Go until the progress bar in upper right corner shows completed and when you see “Exclusive Bonus Offer…” at top of page. When you get to this page the progress bar will be empty again but you are done.

(ORC) Online Reward Center – Enter zip/email. Close second page. Close pop-up

(OD) Opinion Direct – Go until you see message in black at the top that reads “Thank you. Your information has been received successfully…” *Answer questions with asterisk*.

(PD) Prize Draw – Submit first page.

(RG) Rewards Gateway – Submit 2nd page.

(SL) Savings List – Submit 2nd page (choose offer).

(SS) Serving Surveys – Submit 1st page.

(SFF) Surveys For Fun – Go until you see “Thank You! Your information was received successfully and you have now been entered to win” *Answer questions with asterisk.*

(SN) Survey Networks – Go until you see message in black at the top that reads “Thank you. Your information has been received successfully… – Go until “Congratulations! To qualify for your Gift Card, start by fully completing any 2 of the Silver offers listed below! It’s fast and easy!”

(TNP) The Net Panel – Go all the way until you get to the target offer. Go to bottom and click no thanks. On next page click no to all offers. It will then tell you that you must chose 1 offer and a little box will pop up. Leave all windows open for 2-5 min’s and mark it as completed…NOTE…TNP OFFER’S ARE HARD TO GET TO CREDIT SOMETIMES. I think they credit better when you do just 1 of these offers per day.

(WSHTS) What She has to Say – Go all the way until “Thank You! Your information was received successfully and you have now been entered to win” page. *Answer questions with asterisk*.

(WM) Win Moolah – Go all the way until “Congratulations and thank you for your participation! You’ve been entered to win in our sweepstakes!” page.

(WS) Winning Surveys – Go until “Thank you. Your information has been received successfully”

(YFOG) Your Free Online Gifts – Complete entire survey